Brick Cleaning

If you have dirty brick and mortar joints, it may seem like a good idea to clean them yourself. But it’s actually a lot harder to do than you may have originally expected. The make-up of these materials creates the perfect conditions for dirt and mildew to stick to the surface. As a result said dirt and mildew can be very difficult to remove, and more often than not, off-the-shelf cleaning solutions for use by the general public may not be enough to achieve the desired result. What’s needed are professional-grade cleaning solutions designed specifically to remove dirt, dust, and mildew that has attached itself to the brick.

One of the biggest mistakes the average “do it yourselfer” makes is buying the wrong power washing equipment. Their second mistake is buying the wrong cleaning solutions. It will quickly become apparent that pressure washers aimed at the general public can only remove so much dirt. In addition to that several hours may be required to complete the work if you’re washing your whole house. Commercial pressure washing equipment can do a much better job, and n a much shorter timeframe. However, it is very expensive and you need to be trained on how to use it safely. So the average person is better off hiring a professional to do the job for them.

Another thing DIYers quickly realise is that things may not turn out as planned, and they may actually do damage to the property or in some cases cause injury to themselves. This could in much higher expenses than initially planned for, either through paying to rectify the damage or losing money due to taking time off work to recover from injury.

Hiring a professional eliminates these issues. Give us a call today!