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Our pressure cleaning service helps to restore your home by removing mould, dirt, dust and mildew from the exterior of your house. Our Bedford based company is well experienced in this area and we are specialists when it comes to cleaning the exterior of your house, whether it be concrete, patio, or brick, we don’t discriminate, we clean it all! We’ve invested in the best pressure washing technology and we ensure our technicians are trained in the latest cleaning processes so that we can deliver an excellent service every time.


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Brick Cleaning

If you have dirty birck and mortar joints, it may seem like a good idea to clean them yourself. But it's actually a lot harder...

Deck Cleaning

Decking is a brilliant and cost effective way to create a relaxing environment in your garden. But if it's not properly maintained ...

House Washing

Your home is probably your biggest investment and naturally you would want any investment you make to grow in value...

When you choose Hydro Blast Pressure Cleaning to clean the exterior of your property, you can be sure that you’re dealing with professionals. We’ve been in this business for just over a decade now, and we’ve seen it all. Walls, patios, driveways, and even roofs – no job is too big for us! When you use a professional service like ours, not only will you benefit from clean exteriors, but your environment will be cleaner impacting your health in a positive way. Furthermore having your exteriors professionally cleaned can significantly increase the value of your home.

First and foremost we’ll move any potential obstacles (plant pots, ornaments, etc), but before we do this we’ll take photos so that we can put them back correctly.

We then mix our proprietary cleaning solutions in our Commercial Proportioner.

We pretreat the area to be cleaned, by spraying down our chemical using a pump. This breaks down the dirt, grime and oils that have become embedded in the area we’re about to clean.

Once the chemicals have set we’ll use a surface cleaner to clean the soils that have since been broken down by the pretreatment spray we applied.

The surface cleaner can’t reach all corners, so we’ll use a pressure wand to clean them. We’ll then rinse the cleaning solution we used out of the cleaning area using a wand.

Next, we’ll post-treat the area to get rid of tough organic matter that often appears as dark spots. This is a step that many other Pressure Washing Companies skip over… But we go the extra mile for your satisfaction.

We’re not the cheapest and strongly agree with the old adage that “if you buy cheap, you pay twice). Low-priced companies rarely offer the best results, and may actually end up damaging your surface. Either as a result of using the wrong chemicals, or using the wrong equipment. We’ve had to rectify several jobs, where this has been the case. A common issue we tend to come across is damaged decking due to improper processes being used to seal them. More often than not this is due to an inexperienced technician or homeowner not washing the decking thoroughly enough. Such issues can be avoided by enlisting the services of a professional from the beginning.

Due to popular demand, we now offer a carpet cleaning service through our partner Pro Carpet Cleaners Bedford. It is now possible to book power washing and carpet cleaning on the same day, making your cleaning experience a much more convenient one. Head over to their site to see the various services they offer or call us for more information.